Tuning Out

The Sabbath used to be the holiest of TV nights.

The Sabbath used to be the holiest of TV nights, thanks to dramas like Grey's Anatomy, The Sopranos, and Desperate Housewives. Watching those decadent, crackling-smart shows (zing!), while half the nation and all of our office watched too, was an antidote to the inherent loneliness of Sunday. Is there anything more self-preserving in our overscheduled lives than giving ourselves permission to sit back, pour a glass of wine (or three), and sidle up to the plasma? Knowing the fun that awaited Monday morning at the watercooler made the thudding approach of the workweek all the more bearable. We threw Sex and the City viewing parties, ran office pools on whom Tony would whack next, and text-debated McSteamy's steaminess during commercials.

But now...a watered-down Dexter on CBS? Brothers & Sisters, with its cringeworthy dabble in step-brother/sister attraction? Hurry back, Flight of the Conchords and Entourage, because HBO just aired John Adams, and Laura Linney isn't exactly doing for bonnets what SJP did for Jimmy Choos. To the rest of you suits out there, let's get it together. Serve up one more Sunday-night spin-off of CSI and so help us, we'll resort to reading.

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