Watch This Snow Shoveling Hack, Save Your Back Forever


One of the best things about winter is watching the soft, fluffy white stuff that dreamily drifts from the sky. One of the worst things about winter is having to shovel that magical white stuff incessantly, having to bend over, scoop, and throw, time and time again, ad nauseum.

Well, luckily, there's a solution to this tedious task, and it's kind of unbelievable. Apparently, if you pack the snow properly, you can just roll it away on your lawn just like a rug. YouTube user Joshua Jordan shows everyone how it's done in the video above, and it's certainly looks a lot easier and more fun than using the caveman tool known as a shovel. But the end result is also beautiful: a lawn filled with what looks like haystacks made of snow in the heart of winter.

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