25-Year-Old Orlando Shooting Victim Snapchatted Gunshots from Inside Pulse Nightclub Before Being Killed

"She was meticulous about calling home, letting my parents know if she was coming home."

Amanda Alvear, 25, frequented gay and lesbian clubs because she felt safe to be herself there, her brother told the Orlando Sentinel. Alvear is one of the confirmed victims of Sunday's horrific Orlando massacre, which left at least 50 dead and 53 more injured. The Mirror obtained Alvear's Snapchat story from that night (which contains footage viewers may find very disturbing), calling it the first footage to emerge from inside Pulse during the attack.

The video—which was also posted on Facebook by a friend trying to reach Alvear in the aftermath of the shooting—at first shows the young woman partying with a group of people. In the last snap of the story, the camera turns on a visibly shaken Alvear and gunshots can be heard somewhere nearby before the camera moves away and cuts out. It's unclear if Alvear was filming the video or if someone close to her captured it. 

Alvear's brother Brian told the Sentinel that Alvear loved to take selfies and did so constantly, as she was proud of losing 180 pounds over the past two years and enjoyed documenting her weight loss. He also said it was unlike her to not be in touch with family, so he and his parents were immediately concerned Sunday when they hadn't heard from her.

"She was meticulous about calling home, letting my parents know if she was coming home, staying out or staying with friends," Brian said. Earlier that weekend, she'd taken Brian's daughters out to shop because "She liked to look good and she wanted my girls—her girls—to look good."

Alvear was reportedly at Pulse to celebrate Latin night. She attended with one of her good friends Mercedez Marisol Flores, 26, who is also among the confirmed victims.

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