Your Entertainment Diet for May

GUILTY PLEASURES (partake sparingly)

Matthew McConaughey dons a shirt long enough to confront Ghosts of Girlfriends Past.

All hail the fresh princess of Bel Air: A Midwesterner gets a movie makeover in Hollywood Car Wash by Lori Culwell.

SAVORY TREATS (2-3 servings)

Sugarbaker alert! The real first housewives of Atlanta, on DVD: Designing Women: The Complete First Season.

Hugh Jackman trades the tux for muttonchops in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

NOURISHMENT (3-5 servings)

Anvil! The Story of Anvil: The headbanging tale of a creaky Canadian metal band.

Forgive Kate Winslet her teary "moi? really?" speeches and cue up her Oscar-winning role in The Reader on DVD.

Singer Joss Stone tries to keep her head as Henry VIII's fourth wife in The Tudors.

SUSTENANCE (6-11 servings)

Art Brut brings the ultimate smackdown on their CD, Art Brut vs. Satan.

No part for Shatner? The geek-alicious J.J. Abrams mounts a big-screen remake of Star Trek.

Snuggle up (sort of) with Burnt Shadows, Kamila Shamsie's epic novel about life after nuclear war.

The new doc Tyson makes the hot-mess heavyweight seem almost human.

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