The 10 Best Viral Wedding Dances on YouTube

And believe me, I just watched ALL of them.

The surprise wedding dance, once a novelty, is now a hallmark of the fun-loving and sillier brand of newlywed. This is apparent from the number of YouTube videos that contain couples dancing to the first two minutes of, say, "My Girl" by the Temptations and suddenly breaking out into Chris Brown, the Gorillaz, or that "Jump on it, jump on it" song.

Do you know how many surprise wedding dances — some viral, most not — are on YouTube? About 1 million grillion of them. And I just watched them all, just for you. You're welcome.

10. Groomsmen dance to "What Makes You Beautiful" by One Direction.

This ranks mostly because a small child is in it. I've always been squicked out by the song, which seems to say that only women who have low self-confidence are beautiful (?) but whatever.

9. Traditional Indian wedding ends with the couple dancing to "California Love."

Points deducted for not including Tupac's verses. Points given because her sari is really pretty.

8. Big wedding party dances to "Thriller."

One of the original wedding surprise dance viral videos, Michael Jackson actually made this one of his favorites on YouTube.

7. Medley with an astonishingly gifted wedding party.

Seriously, if I ever have to be a member of a surprise bridal party dance, I will be the stiffest asshole on the floor. But these people all look so comfortable! Also: opening with Pulp Fiction is a super-badass call.

6. Bride surprises groom with choreographed "Love on Top" dance.

I'll be honest, choosing between this one and this one was tough. But in the end, the above video seems more about the couple, whereas the other video is pretty much all about the bride. Also, according to YouTube, the bride in this video is a doctor when she is not being a bride. SO, she wins.

5. Groomsmen dance to "Single Ladies" in almost full Sasha Fierce garb.

Sans the metal hand. But the leotard is quite enough, wouldn't you agree?

4. Father (who clearly went to the disco in his younger days) and daughter/bride break it down to a medley.

That "fisherman reel" move at 1:32. I die.

3. Mom and son/groom Superman that ho.

There is nothing more adorable than a guy who will lovingly dance to Soulja Boy with his mom.

2. Granted, one helpful element of this particular dance is that all of the guys are pretty cute.

However, that ending really kills it, not to mention that professional-looking Irish folk dancing groomsman (??!) at 3:46. I have to say: Considering the level of work put into this, the bride's reaction at the end is way lackluster.

1. Despite it all, this old chestnut remains the best surprise wedding dance.

And here they are on Ellen. You don't think they're divorced now, do you? God, that would be horrible.


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