The 30 Most Terrifying Scenes from 'Supernatural,' Ranked

Don't watch these alone.

Sam and Dean Winchester from 'Supernatural'
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Sam and Dean Winchester have been fighting off ghosts, ghouls, monsters, and more for 13 seasons now in Supernatural. Which means there have been dozens of truly horrifying scenes—the kind that had you sleeping with one eye open. In an effort to ruin your slumber yet again, we've rounded them up and ranked them. From the scenes that just barely got your heart-racing to the ones that had you jumping out of your seat, we dare you to watch all the clips ahead.

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When Dean ran frantically down the road from...a very tiny dog.

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When Dean let out a high-pitched scream before realizing it was only a cat in the locker. Sam was completely unphased and stared blankly at Dean.

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When Dean reached his hand into the mouth of a lion statue. A small needle pricked his finger and he yelled out in terror.

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When Sam and Dean met the "Ghostfacers" for the first time.

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When Tyler turned around to find one of her porcelain dolls hanging in her dollhouse.

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When a creepy man's hands ran along Jo's arm while she was trapped underground. Sam and Dean crawled through tight tunnels to rescue her.

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When the evil demon Lilith took over the body of this sweet, little girl and made her snap the neck of her grandpa...

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...And when Lilith took over the body of this little girl too.

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When Sam used demon powers to strangle and kill Alastair...

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...And when he used those powers again to kill Famine.

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When a creepy clown was roaming around town—and waved to a little girl outside her window.

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When a reaper took the life of a jogger in the woods.

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When Sam burned in the fiery depths of hell...

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...And when Dean was also dragged to hell at the end of season 3.

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When Sam went through an exorcism after a demon locked itself inside his body...

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...And when Sam took the reigns and exorcized a demon from another person's body (luckily, not his own this time).

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When Dean killed Eve in a diner.

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When blood dripped on John Winchester's hand and then the camera cut to show Mary Winchester dead on the ceiling.

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When Sam and Dean explored the woods with Molly, a car accident victim they've helped. They were looking for a monster that comes out only once a year on the anniversary of its death. Wait until the end...sorry Molly.

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When a little boy stood near the coffee table and the reflection revealed that he was changeling creature.

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When Lucifer showed his true form in the reflection of the window.

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When Sam and Dean rescued a woman from her not-so-relaxing bath.

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When a wendigo chased Sam and friends, but Dean came to the rescue.

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When this killer scarecrow chased Dean and a group of other people through the woods.

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When Sam shined his flashlight on the recently-born Nepilim that was hiding in the corner of a dark room.

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When Rowena and Crowley try to kill Lucifer by throwing holy water on him, but he can't be beaten.

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When Sam heard haunting moans in hell, and also found Bobby, who punched him in the face.

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When Sam decapitated the vampire Gordon (you might recognize him now as Randall from This Is Us).

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When a couple took the meaning of BDSM too far and ate each other, leading Sam and Dean to believe it was the work of Cupid.

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When Sam said "Bloody Mary" three times (not recommended) and she came creepily crawling out of the mirror toward the Winchester brothers.

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