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15 Fun/Surprising/Awesome Gifts for the Easily Bored

Only boring people get bored, but that's just because they didn't have these presents.

Lipstick, Wallet, Baggage, Multimedia,

Only boring people get bored, but that's just because they didn't have these presents.

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Loop-the-Loop Ring

I would spend at least 30 minutes a day following the different bands around and getting dizzy, TBH.

Pandora Entwined Ring, $165; pandora.net

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Nail Polish Set

In a post-Dior Fall 2015 world, *the* way to wear nail lacquer is one complementary shade on each hand. Dreaming up color combos is half the fun.

Smith & Cult Holiday Trio 2 (Red and Glitter), $54; neimanmarcus.com.

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My Preferred Bra

This is very Kanye of me to say, but instead of imagining, like, a Hemsworth in his underwear, imagine you and your boobs being cradled by high-quality stretch lace when you get bored.

Negative Underwear Nude V1 Essaouira Demi Bra, $80; negativeunderwear.com.

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Fringe-y Bag Accessory

Deciding which three letters and symbols would make the cheekiest monogram: at least 15 minutes. Owning a swishy bag accessory: priceless $35.

Cuyana Leather Bag Tassel in Smooth Leather, $35; cuyana.com.

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Biblical Candles

1) They've got cool names like Melchior. 2) One (Melchior, coincidentally) smells of myrrh, so you can have a olfactorily correct Christmas if you want.

Cire Trudon Odeurs d'Hiver Holiday Coffret Scented Candle Set, $210; barneys.com.

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The Lighter to End All Lighters

OH LOOK—so convenient. This is the prettiest lighter we ever did see, which you can flip open and shut until someone picks a fight with you. #diversion

Tsubota Pearl Tortoise Lighter, $35; shop-tetra.com.

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Chartreuse PJs (I went there)

Challenge: Make a work outfit from these. It can be done.

Maison de Papillon Classic Silk Pajama Set, $534; maisondepapillion.com.

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Ridiculous (in a good way) Coat

This is one of those things you buy, and every time you look at it, it gives you joy.

Carven Heavyweight Cocoon Coat, $1,750; barneys.com.

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Puzzle Bag

You can sling it over your shoulder like a backpack, collapse it into a clutch, and carry it as a regular top-handle bag. You can also squish and un-squish it like a very expensive bellows.

Loewe 'Small Puzzle' Multi Suede Bag, $2,190; nordstorm.com.

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Hoverboard 360 Smart Balance Board XL, $698.99; hoverboard360.com.

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Let Lisa Eldridge tell you how your perma-cat-eye came to be.

Abrams Image Face Paint: The Story of Makeup, $18.94; amazon.com.

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Personality Canister

You know what to do.

Food52 Japanese Copper Cocktail Shaker, $94; food52.com.

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Cube o' Fresh Air

It's a natural air freshener, so set up a standing appointment to "recharge" it by leaving it out in the sun once a month, then plop it on your desk.

Chikuno Life Black Chikuno Cube, $29; totokaelo.com.

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Give a dog or cat a good home. Never be alone with your thoughts again.

ASPCA adoption; aspca.org.

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Because we're all just oversize babies, if you think about it.

Fort Makers Multi Wood Circle Mobile 1, $600, totokaelo.com.

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