You Can Now Create Your Own Emojis

Dream come true.

You can officially stop drafting those angry tweets toward Apple every time you want to express your desire for a frozen margarita but need to settle for the wine or martini glass emoji. A new app called Imoji will now let you create your own — for free.

The app pulls images from your photo library and lets you transform them into your own personalized emojis. This includes your best selfies, that amazing photo of your dog in sunglasses, or simply just every picture of Ryan Gosling you can find. Think of the possibilities.

Here's a detailed tutorial on how it works:

The app was started by a group of friends in San Francisco and is set to release new features, such as letting people follow their favorite sticker makers. "Where we think things are heading is a more flexible and creative form of communication, one which adds a new dimension to a text message," creator Tom Smith told Forbes. "We've designed Imoji to be just that."

We're excited, and so is everyone else: