Ashley Wagner Skated a Chill-Inducing Perfect Program to 'Moulin Rouge' This Weekend, Broke a Million Records

Holy (Sal)chow.

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Like a good party dress moment (opens in new tab), sometimes the right girl and the right timing and the right Moulin Rouge soundtrack come together to make magic.

That's what happened Saturday at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships with Ashley Wagner, who skated a flawless—as in record-shattering flawless—program, all while wearing a trompe l'oeil statement necklace à la Nicole Kidman's Satine (opens in new tab).

"This, of my three [national] titles, is the one that tastes the sweetest," Wagner told NBC (opens in new tab). "I've had so many critics over the past couple of months. I've had so many people who said I'm too old for this, I am burnt out. But you know what? I am so hungry to make a career for myself. I was able to turn all this negativity into something positive."

It's hard to believe, but Wagner, at 24, is the oldest U.S. women's champion since Michelle Kwan in 2005. (You have to remember that figure skating, like gymnastics, is normally a teenager's game.)

Take in the breathtaking, goose-bump-raising performance below.

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