There's a 'Hunger Games' Reality Show and It's Seriously Pissing People Off

This...doesn't seem right.
Courtesy of Murray Close/Lionsgate

In Panem, Katniss shoots other children full of arrows because she has to. In modern-day Britain, unemployed and low-income workers compete against one another on TV because some network executives thought it would be entertaining.

On Britain's Hardest Grafter, a five-part BBC series, 25 contestants will "experience different 'blue collar' roles," AKA hard physical labor, with the least productive voted off until one remains. The winner will receive $23,700, or the minimum annual wage for British workers outside London, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Now, in response to a petition calling for the show's cancellation and internet comments on its "exploitative," "gladiatorial poverty porn" nature, the BBC has released a statement defending its concept, arguing that the program investigates "just how hard people in the low-wage economy work" because that is definitely a question when you have to hold down multiple jobs just to make ends meet.

Overall, this is despicable and such a missed opportunity. Because if they really wanted to go the Hunger Games route, they *could* have called it That Is Mahogany and made it about burly, bearded woodworkers chopping down trees and fighting to preserve their craft from industrialization. I'd watch.


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