Andy Samberg Just Gave Everyone His Actual, Legitimate HBO Password

And it works.

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Emmy host Andy Samberg used one of many wins for HBO's Olive Kitteridge as an opportunity to poke fun at something basically everyone does: borrow someone else's HBO password instead of shelling out the cash to pay for a real account. 

Samberg noted that HBO execs say password-sharing isn't really a problem, so he decided to do everyone a solid and share his login. 

An actual, functional login. 

The username is, and the password is (of course) password1, and can be used to log into HBO Now.

The second he started talking, we tried logging in—and it worked. A little poking around later, we saw that an episode of Real Sex is in his watch list, and his profile is hilarious.

Unfortunately, too many people may have tried the same thing—you'll probably get this error message if you do it now:

But hey, it was good while it lasted. See you after this episode of Real Sex

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