Lord Save Us, Jared Padaleki Posted a Photo from the 'Gilmore Girls' Set

Dean is back.

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So, you thought Jared Padalecki's return to Gilmore Girls was a fever dream you hallucinated after one too many slices of pizza? Not so. Said dream just became a reality.

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Dean and his middle-parted hair are back in Stars Hollow whether you like it or not, which means that Rory will likely confront any unresolved feelings she has toward the man she lost her virginity to. You know, that time he was cheating on his wife.

Out of all the men in Rory's life, Dean is probably the most easy to dislike due to the fact that 1) he's a terrible husband, 2) he has reprehensible taste in leather jackets, and 3) he understands pop culture even less than your grandma. But, because Rory clearly still loves him on some insane level, we're ready to wave a white flag (AKA a stained green Doose's Market apron) and get on board.

Who knows, maybe Dean is a changed man! Though let's be honest, his hair says otherwise.

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