Britney Spears and Tinashe Attend One of Those Elite Orgies in Their New Video for "Slumber Party"

Is that...milk?

slumber party
(Image credit: YouTube)

Long live Britney Spears, queen of the music-video concept and group dance number. Oh, and piles of bodies writhing on the floor in a faurgy (faux orgy).

For "Slumber Party," featuring Tinashe, the newly minted dance instructor rolls up to one of those Eyes Wide Shut-type sex parties, where the dress code is "tulle but also leather and studded collars," and sword-swallowers and fire-eaters roam, as well as a linebacker-looking dude with fetish? IDK—that puddle looked as viscous as food-commercial milk, if you know what I mean. (I mean THEY USE GLUE. Sigh.)

Still a good time, though, especially the climax. Watch the visuals here.

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