Which Beyoncé Video Are You According to Your Sign?

Ooh, Leo.


Everyone needs to channel their inner Beyoncé sometimes.

Aries: "Don't Hurt Yourself"

"When you hurt me, you hurt yourself...when you diss me, you diss yourself." Aries, no one (we repeat no one) will ever get the best of you. Reclaiming your independence, lighting fires and inspiring the world with in-your-face fierceness? This Lemonade Yoncé is channeling you.

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Taurus: "Halo"

Sweet, sensual romance—ahhh. That's something a traditional Taurus will happily embrace, much like the fresh-faced "Halo" Beyoncé. And if it comes with a suit-and-tie S.O. who will get all domestic and snuggle up to read the paper in bed, all the better.

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Gemini: "Blow"

Black lights, roller skates, flashy clothes, and shameless flirting? Total Gemini vibes. But add in a riddle to solve that leads to, er, lip-licking good times and your orally-fixated sign is nailed as a Blow Beyoncé surrogate.

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Cancer: "Heaven"

As the zodiac's most sisterly sign, you'll relate (to the point of weeping) as "Heaven" Beyoncé flashes through sentimental memories of her GFF while mourning her pal's departure from this plane. And on a purely superficial note, can we talk about how totally Cancerian those white lace and ruffles are?

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Leo: "Flawless"

Bow down, bitches! We could easily see you peacocking like the Flawless Queen B. Can't picture it yourself? Consider this your training video.

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Virgo: "Love Drought"

As the blessed signmate of this Virgo multihyphenate, you'll be feeling her earth goddess vibes in the Love Drought incarnation. But real talk, Virgo: Can't you relate to being so damn drained from giving but also too devoted to stop yourself? (Yes, even if you fell back, catatonic, in your chair.)

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Libra: "Upgrade U"

Let "Upgrade U" 'Yonce switch you up to purple labels and all the finer things. Because every Libra should be dripping in diamonds at some point in life.

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Scorpio: "Jealous"

Devastation! Rage! Obsession! Stormy nights dressed in insanely sexy black lace wondering if bae ghosted you. You've been "Jealous" Beyoncé before, Scorpio, and we're not judging. No, not even if you took him back after he put you through all that.

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Sagittarius: "All Night"

If any sign knows how to make lemons into lemonade, it's you, Sagittarius, the zodiac's eternal wisdom-seeker and optimist. The highs and lows, the ups and downs—they all exist for you to grow as a human. "Found the truth beneath the lies," sings "All Night" Beyoncé like she knows that's your goal in life.

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Capricorn: "Run The World"

Glass ceilings? Boys clubs? What are those even? Pfft. Your ambitious sign was born to run the world—best done with precisely regimented choreography. (Dom-wear optional.)

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Aquarius: "7/11"

Like "7/11" Bey, you're the ultimate girl squad ringleader and slumber party point person. You'll happily incite silliness and wild behavior—all while trashing a hotel room with your exploding suitcase full of sporty gear and wacky costumes. Doesn't everybody do that? (No, Aquarius, just you.)

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Pisces: "Mine"

The flowy fabrics, metallic makeup, masks and nocturnal beach moves have pretty much got your number, Pisces. But losing yourself in that "let's get carried away" brand of romance a la "Mine" Beyoncé is kind of your idea of true love.

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