How to Use Instagram's New Checkout Shopping Feature

Today, Instagram rolled out a new shopping feature where users can purchase products directly in the app. Find out exactly how to use it and which brands are participating here.

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While we were all freaking out about the Instagram shutdown the other day, the app was busy rolling out its newest (and most dangerous) feature yet. In an effort to expand its e-commerce platform, Instagram users now have the ability to shop directly in the app. The dangerous part? You're probably going to spend a lot more money than you'd like.

When a product is made shoppable on Instagram, we can now click on it and we'll be directed to a page where there's an option to checkout on Instagram. You know the deal—put in your credit card information once, safely store it, and now you're literally a click away from buying items you find on your feed without leaving the app.

You can see exactly what it looks like, below:

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Over 20 brands are currently participating in the direct checkout tool:

Inevitably, more companies will start using the feature. In the meantime, let's take advantage of buying that new H&M top we just saw on our feed, shall we?

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