What I Wore to Celebrate Sustainability

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The other night I was invited to an event supporting sustainable fashion. It's not often enough that ethical fashion gets attention in the mainstream media, so I was giddy at the opportunity to do my part and dress for the occasion. As an editor who focuses on sustainable fashion, I had the resources to find an outfit, but I still didn't realize how hard it would be!

I poured over countless lookbooks — From Somewhere, Carrie Parry, Goodone, Suzanne Rae — before finally settling on a beautiful steely-blue dress from Bodkin.

The dress was constructed from beige cupro, a silk-like fabric that's made from discarded parts of the cotton plant.

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I paired the dress with Monique Pean jewelry. The earrings and shortest necklace contain repurposed diamond slices formerly used in cutting tools. The diamond bead necklaces are composed of conflict- and devastation-free diamonds.

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The bracelet and ring feature fossilized walrus ivory sourced from Alaska natives using fair trade standards.

As for the rest of my accessories, I wore a metal Calvin Klein box clutch and satin Valentino shoes. I know these items may not adhere to the same ethical standards as the rest of my ensemble, but my goal was to go vegan with my accessories.

Overall, it was a fun night, and I look forward to dressing more and more sustainably in the future!

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