How to Get Shailene Woodley's Cover Style

Find out how to get the look here.

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Age: 22. Current Residence: The actress's booming career has her on the road full-time. She wore: Woodley arrived in Marni overalls, a black crop top, and a vintage army jacket and moccasins. Flying Solo: When asked to describe her dream itinerary, the travel junkie—who recently spent time in Spain, Italy, and Iceland—said, "I would travel alone for a year." Where? "Wherever the cheapest plane ticket would take me." Hot Shot: She wakes up with a caffeinated kick: "bulletproof" coffee, blended with butter and coconut oil. "You drink it for breakfast and it tastes like creamy, delicious heaven."

1. On Shailene Céline top and skirt.
2. Block Party Contrast makes a casual tank pop. Top $620, Jonathan
3. Sneakers $150, Ash; (646) 422-7098.
4. Choker $3,500, Lynn
5. Skirt $79.99,
6. Bag $3,250, Céline at A'maree's; (949) 642-4423.
7. Dress Céline
8. Shoes $1,195, Pierre for similar styles.
9. Watch $3,200,