6-Second Rules For Looking 5 Pounds Skinnier

Sarah McColgan

* Wear V-necks, long necklaces, low-slung belts: anything that draws the eye up and down the body. Avoid boatnecks, chokers, tightly cinched belts, and ankle-strap shoes: These create horizontal lines, which make you appear squat. It's similar to the idea that pinstriped pants make you look longer and sailor-striped tops make you look wider, says Elycia Rubin, co-author of Frumpy to Foxy in 15 Minutes Flat.

* Stick with matte fabrics like cotton and wool. Skip satin and other light-reflecting materials, which enhance your body size.

*Pair flesh-tone heels with all skirts. Heels always make you look slimmer; a pair that matches your skin tone makes legs look like they go on for miles.

* Wear a curvy jacket. A jacket that nips in at the waist creates an hourglass figure without hugging too tightly, says Rubin. Layer over a cami that falls a few inches below it for a lean look.

*Balance full with fitted. Pairing a flowing top with loose fitting pants only makes you look heavier. Better to match a big top with narrow bottoms or a body-hugging shirt with something roomier down below.

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