Fashion's Most Stylish Couples Share Their Secrets

Three sets of the fashion world's finest from designers to photogs share their personal style.
Roxanne Lowitt
Three sets of the fashion world's finest — from designers to photogs — share their personal style.
Roxanne Lowitt
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Keren Craig & Piers North
She: Designer and Co-Founder, Marchesa.
He: Advertising Creative, Mother New York

How we met: Through a mutual friend at Brighton Art College. I went for coffee at my friend's dorm, and Piers was in the kitchen, having just gotten out of the shower. He was wearing nothing but a towel and was quite embarrassed.

On our first date: He wore a suit and arrived on a BMX bike. I was also wearing a suit — a men's vintage double-breasted suit — and had dreadlocks at the time.

Roxanne Lowitt
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Keren Craig & Piers North

Keren on Keren's style: I'm drawn to rich fabrics and prefer pieces with a feminine, eclectic look. I wear a lot of vintage pieces and oversize jewelry.

Piers on Keren's style: She's never under-dressed. Seeing her in a pair of jeans and sneakers for the first time after 13 years of being together freaked me out. I asked her to change!

fashion's most stylish couples share their secrets
Roxanne Lowitt
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Garance Doré & Scott Schuman
She: Photographer, Illustrator, Blogger,
He: Photographer, Blogger,

How we met: At the shows during Paris Fashion Week about three years ago.

On closet space: I have more because I also wear and often live in the clothes that Scott lets me borrow from him.

Garance's essentials: My red Kelly bag — it's so classic and ladylike, but the red gives it an unexpected punch; Equipment shirts because they're so easy and elegant; skinny jeans by Helmut Lang; and trenchcoats — I have a collection of them, but right now my favorite is by Ralph Lauren.

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Garance Doré & Scott Schuman

Best gift he gave her: My red Sofia Coppola bag and my beautiful diamond cross.

Best gift she gave him: My Rolex watch.

Worst gift he gave her: He keeps trying to give me his paisley jacket that I really don't like. I've forbidden him to wear it.

Worst gift she gave him: She gave me back my paisley jacket.

Roxanne Lowitt
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Lisa Mayock & Jeff Halmos
She: Designer and Co-Founder, Vena Cava
He: Jeff Halmos, Designer and Co-Founder, Shipley & Halmos

How we met: At a fashion awards dinner several years ago, then got to know each other better when both of our clothing lines were sold in the same showroom.

On our first date, he wore: Old thrashed jeans and a T-shirt. The sleeves were really short on him, and it looked kind of like a '90s baby tee.

Roxanne Lowitt
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Lisa Mayock & Jeff Halmos

She wore: Some sort of fishnet dress or oversize crocheted shirt thing. I always joke with Lisa that I was surprised by what she was wearing on our first date.

Jeff on Lisa's style: I've never met anyone who can put things together the way she can. She mixes vintage with menswear with Vena Cava, and other designers with all kinds of incredible jewelry. Yet she always looks perfectly coordinated. You can't tell if something's vintage or brand-new. It's really amazing, to be totally honest.

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