The Best Spring Street Style Outfits Inspired by Rain Hats

The accessory, synonymous with wet weather, re-emerges as a fashion favorite.

street style rain hat
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There's always that night out with friends when the weather forecast calls for light rain, but it turns into a torrential downpour. I usually slip on a rain jacket and some sturdy, waterproof rain boots but leave the rain hat behind. After a few minutes, my hair is drenched, and my makeup is running down my face with hours of primping for my girls' night out gone to waste.

Rain hats are an afterthought for many, but they shouldn't be. Look to fashion week, where, in many cases, showgoers made their rain hats their statement accessory, both a necessity and a styling opportunity, while enduring weeks of rain across New York, Paris, and Milan's show circuit. The rain hat-infused street-style outfit inspiration was everywhere, from wide-brimmed silhouettes to fitted bucket-style rain hats to techy-leaning designs with corded bungee ties. There were fashion editors and buyers who embraced a minimalist appeal, while other showgoers and celebrities chose bold statement-making hats that co-coordinated with their rain gear.

Even from a style point of view, there are still some parameters around shopping for rain hats; materials like nylon, polyester, and waxed cotton are the most popular fabrics for their obvious waterproof component— but you don't have to b-line straight to your closest outdoor gear store (unless you want to!). Designers like Jacquemus, Loewe, and Gucci are all designing rain hat adjacent styles that stand up to the elements.

Ahead, Marie Claire rounded up five popular rain hat styles inspired by the fashion set and tips on how to style all 15 of them for your spring outfits.

Through Rain or Shine

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wide brim rain hat, street style

A wide brim hat will protect you from heavy rain and harsh sun rays.

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A rain hat designed with a brim radius of three inches or more is a pretty good measure of how much coverage you'll have from the rain. Wide brims are the best bet to prevent rainwater from dripping down your face or seeping into the sides. In a nylon or other lightweight material, wide-brim rain hats can also block out sun rays when skies are clear.

With a boho trend emerging for spring, they're also one of the easiest to style seamlessly. Wear one with a color-coordinating trench coat, a transitional spring sweater, straight-leg jeans, and knee-high boots.

Fitted and Fashionable

fitted rain hat, street style

Look no further than a fitted hat to get you through a relatively light day of rain.

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A fitted rain hat with a shorter brim radius is a great go-to for light-to-medium showers. It's one of the most practical on days when the forecast is unpredictable or when you're packing for a trip. Most of them are easily foldable—great for tossing in your tote bag or suitcase.

Fitted silhouettes are inherently unfussy; buy a few to rotate out with your spring outfits.

Secured and Sturdy

rain hat street style

On breezy days, tie your the straps of your rain hat beneath your chin to avoid loosing your headwear in the wind.

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Navigating a day of downpours can be challenging enough on its own, but throw wind into the mix, and you’re dealing with a whole different scenario. Grab a rain hat designed with chin straps or ties to avoid losing it in a sudden gust. Several designers are creating this style, which sets them apart from the chin strap bucket hats your dad wears while cutting the lawn. But Dad was on to something—it's a completely hands-free experience without having to clutch onto your hat for dear life when you're on the move.

Take a cue from the Fashion Week crowd, and style yours with a colorful blazer and maxi-length white dress.

Stand out Among the Crowd

street style rain hat

Brighten up your rain days with lively prints.

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If you love a statement power accessory, make your rain hat the next bold purchase. Street-style aficionados were spotted wearing classic plaid designs, spring-friendly florals, and on-trend leopard prints (which, in our professional opinion, also doubles as a neutral).

Style your playful pattern of choice with a pared-down look so your new rain hat gets its own moment in the spotlight.

Keep It Simple

simple rain hat, street style

Keep things simple with neutral shades and straightforward silhouettes.

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For minimalists who prefer tried-and-true shades and silhouettes, take the same simplistic approach you would with any of your wardrobe essentials. These cool '90s-era styles will fit right into your spring capsule collection. If you’re new to the rain hat game, these rain hats also offer an easy point of entry.

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