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20 Holiday Shoes That'll Put Some Sexy In Your Step

Santa baby, we'll take them all.
High heels, Sandal, Basic pump, Tan, Grey, Beige, Foot, Close-up, Court shoe, Bridal shoe,
'Tis the season to strap on a pair of pièce de résistance heels. Whether they're adorned with luxe embellishments like glitter, bead embroidery, or feathers, or boast sexy body of the 4-inch persuasion, there's a style for every woman looking to leave her mark. Shop our edit of the most toothsome and affordable footwear offerings on the market.
Basic pump, High heels, Beige, Metal, Tan, Bridal shoe, Court shoe, Sandal, Fashion design, Silver,
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Topshop Shoe, $95; topshop.com.
Brown, Boot, Tan, Beige, Leather, Maroon, High heels, Synthetic rubber,
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River Island Shoe, $190; riverisland.com.
Product, High heels, Sandal, Tan, Foot, Beige, Composite material, Bridal shoe, Basic pump, Slingback,
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ASOS Shoe, $56.85; asos.com.
Brown, Black, High heels, Grey, Basic pump, Tan, Beige, Court shoe, Foot, Leather,
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KG by Kurt Geiger Shoe, $187.61; asos.com.
Brown, Tan, Grey, Comfort, Beige, Composite material, Leather, Foot, Silver, Basic pump,
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Schutz Shoe, $280; shop.schutz.com.
Brown, Tan, Eye glass accessory, Metal, Beige, Material property, Leather, High heels, Brass, Sandal,
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Marc by Marc Jacobs Shoe, $300; net-a-porter.com.
High heels, Bottle, Black, Basic pump, Still life photography, Foot, Sandal, Leather, Glass bottle, Dancing shoe,
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Sam Edelman Shoe, $200; samedelman.com.
Black, Grey, Beige, Basic pump, Composite material, High heels, Court shoe, Leather, Foot,
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Mango Shoe, $129.99; mango.com.
Brown, Product, High heels, Sandal, Tan, Fashion, Grey, Basic pump, Foot, Beige,
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Zara Shoe, $99.90; zara.com.
Footwear, Brown, Yellow, Tan, Khaki, Beige, Fawn, Court shoe, High heels, Fashion design,
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J.Crew Shoe, $298; jcrew.com.
Brown, Metal, Pattern, Beige, Musical instrument accessory, Silver,
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French Connection Shoe, $130; frenchconnection.com.
High heels, Sandal, Basic pump, Grey, Tan, Beige, Foot, Bridal shoe, Fashion design, Slingback,
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H&M Shoe, $49.95; hm.com.
Footwear, Brown, Tan, High heels, Black, Basic pump, Beige, Leather, Court shoe, Sandal,
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Sophia Webster Shoe, $340; net-a-porter.com.
White, Musical instrument accessory, Bicycle part, Beige, Composite material, Metal, Material property, Silver, Steel, Strap,
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New Look Shoe, $47.36; asos.com.
Black, Grey, Beige, Basic pump, Court shoe, Leather, Foot, High heels, Synthetic rubber, Dress shoe,
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Karen Millen Shoe, $350.58; asos.com.
Sandal, Foot, Black, Beige, High heels, Basic pump, Synthetic rubber,
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Forever 21 Shoe, $34.90; forever21.com.
Blue, Basic pump, Electric blue, Azure, Court shoe, High heels, Sandal, Bridal shoe, Foot, Musical instrument accessory,
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Ted Baker Shoe, $208.45; asos.com.
Brown, High heels, Tan, Sandal, Beige, Fawn, Foot, Slingback, Bridal shoe, Wedge,
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Oasis Shoe, $75.80; asos.com.
Brown, High heels, Basic pump, Black, Tan, Sandal, Beige, Court shoe, Foot, Leather,
Courtesy of Designer
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Sole Society Shoe, $69.95; solesociety.com.
Footwear, Brown, High heels, Sandal, Basic pump, Tan, Fashion, Foot, Beige, Dancing shoe,
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Lucy Choi London Prospero Lace and Leather Pumps, $320; net-a-porter.com.
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