The 12 Best Embellished Sweaters to Brighten Dark Winter Days

Comfortable and glamorous are not mutually exclusive.

woman wearing a crystal embellished sweater
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Turtlenecks interwoven with shimmer from Tory Burch, glittery knit gowns from Proenza Schouler, and crystal-trimmed sweater sets from Paco Rabanne—according to the Resort 2023 offerings, embellished sweaters are a leading look-at-me style for the winter season. The trend takes your best sweaters up a notch by incorporating festive, eye-catching adornments, like a sprinkling of lustrous pearls or a smattering of tonal sequins. Furthermore, it's a method of ensuring the season's gloom and doom doesn't zap all the joy out of getting dressed. Because what's more joyful than light-reflecting shimmer and shine?

Below, we compiled our favorite takes on the trend that are still high function (as in they're versatile options that will keep you toasty), but their touch of glitz makes them high fashion, too. Scroll on for our edit of the best embellished sweaters for women and some insight from a fashion stylist on everything you need to know about the statement style.

Why Are Embellished Sweaters Trending?

"Embellished sweaters aren't exactly new (see: the never-ending number of pearl appliqués used in the mid to late 2010s)," Heather Newberger, stylist and fashion writer, shares over email. "However, I attribute the recent uptick in the trend to how people are thinking differently about showing up not only for themselves but also for the world at large over the last few years. Using your wardrobe to stand out has increasingly become the norm as more and more people embrace their new work-from-home lifestyles. So while we may be wearing sweatpants more than ever, we're also putting more work into our outfits when we leave the house, too," shares Newberger, pointing to maximalist sweaters with personality-filled detailing, like rhinestone embellishments, glittery yarn, or jewel buttons.

What to Look For in an Embellished Sweater

  • Crystal Adornments

"Light is at the forefront of the embellished sweater trend, which takes its cue from the holiday season that celebrates it," explains Newberger, saying you should look for bejeweled adornments like crystals, rhinestones, and diamanté. 

  • Pearls

"Pearls aren’t going anywhere either—in fact, it’s actually quite the opposite. Intrinsically we think of pearls skewing feminine, but this year men have been wearing them more than ever. The popularity of male peal necklaces has become pervasive, and I’m sure I’m not the first to suggest they may be the latest incarnation of the early 00s puka shell choker. Regardless, this has opened up a new space for both men and women to bring peals into their lives on a more casual basis, whether they be on sweaters as decorations, buttons, or both."

  • High-Shine Knits

"Shiny yarns are also more ubiquitous this season, and have been helpful in creating a middle ground for those of us who want to glow, but aren’t ready to add any additional features."

The Best Embellished Sweaters

Meet the Expert

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Heather Newberger

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