10 Loafers That Are too Chic to Be Boring

Loafers are the new pumps. There, we said it.

(Image credit: Getty Images, Edward Berthelot)

Long gone are the days of that Working Girl shoe switch: sneakers on the street, then a quick under-the-desk change into the pumps you’ve toted around during the commute. Now, it's all about the loafer. While they may not do much for height, the sensibility and comfort level are unparalleled. Unlike a flat, loafers are much more substantial when it comes to arch support so they reign supreme for a full day on your feet. Plus, they’ve come a long way from the elementary school staple of the penny loafer and now feel a lot more grown up. Click through our top 10 picks of classic styles that have a sophisticated twist and for tips on how to wear this super easy shoe that's impossible not to love.

Julia Gall
Julia Gall

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