Irina Shayk Perfected Fall Fashion in a Cozy Coatigan

Here's why you should add knit outerwear to your rotation, too.

Irina Shayk sweater coat tabis
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Autumn is autumn-ing. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to craft cute fall outfits, Irina Shayk has you covered. The Sports Illustrated supermodel walked the streets of New York City yesterday in a chic, nearly monochrome look. She elevated the Manhattanite uniform (all black, all the time) to new heights with a chunky sweater coat, the controversial Maison Margiela Tabi boots (more on the shoe's polarizing nature later), and a pop of color via a forever “It” bag. 

Shayk's oversized cardigan coat—or coatigan, if you'll afford us the portmanteau—was a chic, city-girl version of the blanket maxi coat. Instead of piling on shearling or plaid for a day spent apple picking, Shayk took to midtown Manhattan in a thick, textured knit sweater coat with a ribbed shawl collar. The oversized cardigan rippled over her wrists to give a comfy, glove-less look.

She layered her outerwear over all-black basics and a pair of slim, modern, and rectangular sunglasses. Similar pairs have been seen on the Jenner sisters, Katie Holmes and, of course, Miss Robyn Rihanna Fenty.  

Irina Shayk in sweater coat and tabis in New york city

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But the accessory most people are (still) talking about that stole the spotlight? Shayk wore the stealable, split-toe high-knee leather boots from none other than Maison Margiela. Aside from being a debatable, avant-garde shoe—simply put, the shoes look like horse hooves—the silhouette recently rose to fame after a viral TikTok video made the rounds. In the series, creator Alexis Dougé accused her Tinder date of stealing her Mary Jane shoes done in the trendy-toe silhouette. The fashion-loving internet responded as it should—by trying to hunt down her date and get her split-toe shoes back. Shayk’s autumn version of the Tabis proves that controversial shoes really are the moment

Lastly, Shayk broke up her outfit's dark, monochrome palette with something bright. She added a vibrant orange Hermès Birkin Bag, proving you can pair new trends, like a coatigan, with your heritage, tried-and-true leather goods. The bright citrus hue of the leather carryall provided some colorful interest to Shayk's all-black look. Plus, the Birkin Bag allowed her to tote around her needs from appointment to appointment in New York. 

If you want to replicate Shayk’s perfect autumn look, we’ve found a few options to help you piece the outfit together. Scroll onward to start shopping.

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