Betsey Johnson Gives a New "Prescription" for Her Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

Say hello to your daily dose of lovable, zany Betsey Johnson news! The designer, always known for her quirkiness, used pill bottles loaded with mini breath mints as invitations for her upcoming show at Fashion Week. "It's your one-a day for Betsey!" Johnson said. The B.J. One a Day dosage is supposed to compliment the "prescription for dressing" theme of her more affordable Spring/Summer 2014 collection. These invitations show that Betsey is still as fun as ever. "I have to take credit for the idea," she said." I think getting a bottle of pills is just funny."

At 71-years-old, Betsey clearly still has her spunk — and wants everyone to know that her upcoming collection does too. "It's more of a real fashion show than ever," the designer announced. "And I was really scared of it being too serious, too simple, too much a fashion show and not fun."

Photo: Courtesy of Jessica Minkoff, Instagram

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