Karl Lagerfeld: Fashion's Most Digitally Savvy Entrepreneur?

One of fashion's most highly respected legends just got a major digital makeover. The Karl Lagerfeld has been known to favor all things technological, having famously said, "Facebook is a flawless object; for me [it's] like a Brancusi," and now, that famous zeal is being reflected in his retail experience. Over the past eight months, Uncle Karl has gradually opened nine digital concept stores which include a photo booth, digital guestbook, mini iPads, and the ability to pay for a purchase via mobile device. Not to mention, the stores are fully equipped with immense social media possibilities, as well.

According to WWD, pictures can be taken in fitting rooms of you trying on that priceless piece of haute couture, then instantly shared to Facebook and Twitter. The Chanel and Fendi mastermind has big plans to continue the digital takeover, too: The stores' digital accessories will be constantly updated to reflect the latest model. Now how's that for marrying business and pleasure?

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