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Endless Work Outfit Inspiration, Brought to You by Celebrities

As long as famous people go outside, we'll be updating.
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Think about it: Even when they're not dripping in borrowed diamonds, celebrities have professionals pick out their clothes. With that in mind, we're keeping tabs on every office-appropriate ensemble that hits a photo call or plays Catch Phrase on Jimmy Fallon. Follow along here—as long as famous people go outside, we'll be updating.
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Julianne Hough
That semi-sheer top is a great little detail and technically not a dress code violation. Good shoe game too.
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Eva Mendes
It can be hard to style a ladylike full skirt for the office without going the whole Carolina Herrera garden-party route, but Eva Mendes gets it right with a casual polo neck and some sick pattern play.
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Lily James
Tuck your gingham shirt into a subtly striped pencil skirt, avoid ending up on that Instagram because they do take pics of girls and not just bros.
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Charlize Theron
Is this a perfume ad? Nah—it's just a super casual workday for Charlize Theron. Also, see how suits don't have to be stuffy or super fitted to look put-together?
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Selena Gomez
Youthful! While still pretty covered-up. For those of us who don't have an in with Vuitton, I'd suggest layering a printed top under a printed dress, then belting the whole thing.
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Jessica Alba
This is who I want to be: A woman who wears monochromatic peach Narciso Rodriguez. #powerdressing
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Anya Ziourova
This won't be everyone's cup of Darjeeling, but I'm all for the Breton T with the plaid culottes with the color-blocked shoulder detailing on that Miu Miu coat. In fact, I'm all for culottes in general.
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Hailee Steinfeld
This is the best kind of office dressing: sweater dress, knee-high boots, good to go.
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Alexa Chung
All shirts should come with matching skinny scarves. Fact.
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Julianne Moore
This is (clearly) all black, but I still want to wear all of it! Why? The accessories and that hair tuck.
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Keri Russell
The blouse-and-skirt combo is nothing new, but a fun brocade and colorful shoe (the better for merrily picking through the slush) make this standard feel fresh.
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Kerry Washington
See? Work clothes can be 1) printed, 2) colorful, and 3) happy.
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Gwyneth Paltrow
Downplay a big-girl suit with a relaxed fit, some ankle boots, and an insouciant, I'll-keep-my-hands-in-my-pockets-if-I-want attitude.
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Natalie Dormer
Here's how you really stick it to the man: Wear classic, ladylike pieces but print-mix the heck out of them.
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Sienna Miller
And here's how you get away with pajamas in front of your boss: a buttoned-up cardi plus loose trousers in a fancy-feeling fabric.
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Fearne Cotton
More print-mixing! And a turtleneck, which is your secret weapon for pulling off nighttime dresses during work hours.
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Olivia Palermo
With a tank underneath and different hair and makeup, this could go from VS pink carpet to boardroom in 60 seconds flat.
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Jenna Lyons
A sweater knotted around your waist—like so—can do wonders for an otherwise corporate blouse-and-pants combo.
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Karlie Kloss
Swap out those standard-issue wool bottoms for leather leggings, instantly project coolness.
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Ella Catliff
Being whip-smart + a Friday outfit this cute = deadly combination.
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Sienna Miller
Just when you thought stripes on stripes couldn't work outside of the weekend...
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Olivia Munn
There's nothing like a pair of high-waisted trousers to make you walk like a HBIC. (You can imagine you're kicking in tiny doors/breaking barriers.)
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Jennifer Connelly
How could you go wrong with a sweater and an A-line skirt (even if they're not Vuitton)?
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Rosamund Pike
We're telling you: Sweaters and skirts are where it's at.
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Poppy Delevingne
You know how doctors are better at doctoring when they put on white coats? This is the fashion/creative type's version of that.
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