The Lost Art of Getting Ready: 18 Pretty Pictures of Women Primping

It's a sacred ritual.
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Getting ready is fun, but it's infinitely better when you've got the luxury of time. And that's where ladies of the past have us beat, thanks to our always-on-the-go lifestyles. While they may just be pipes dreams for our poor, not-a-second-to-spare souls, we can't help but swoon over the lost art of getting all dolled up. Take a peak at beauty rituals throughout the years.
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Sarah Bernhardt, 1923
While starring in the play A Gloire, the French actress had a dressing room as luxurious as this. We can only imagine how glam her home was.
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Thalia Barbarova, 1925
The actress applies her perfume in dramatic fashion, but can you blame a woman with a vanity table as stunning as that?
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Helene Costello, 1925
The silent screen star proves you can't have too many mirrors when getting ready, since you've got to cover *every* angle.
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Miriam Seegar, 1930
Wearing a frilly, lace dressing gown, the actress pencils in her brows at her vanity with plenty of beautifying tools at arm's reach.
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Unknown Woman, 1930
When you can't decide what shoes to wear, the least you can do is cloak yourself in ruffled silk while biding the time.
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Unknown Woman, 1930s
This woman not only has a mirrored vanity, but she has a dressing trunk at the ready with plenty of outfit options. #Jealous
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Unknown Woman, 1938
While fastening her stockings, her outfit waits patiently on its dress form.
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Marlene Dietrich, 1939
Marlene Dietrich gets ready in French fashion on the set of her film Destry Rides Again.
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Unknown Woman, 1940s
Clad only in a bra and stockings, she checks out her hair (and possibly her derrière) in the mirror.
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Ava Gardner, 1944
Gardner is very casual as she dons a sparkling stunning evening gown while sitting at her vanity.
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Marilyn Monroe, 1955
Before heading out to a show, Monroe applies her signature Chanel No. 5 to her décolletage.
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Showgirl, 1941
A frilly showgirl adjusts her headdress before hitting the stage.
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Elizabeth Taylor, 1948
Liz lounges in a cozy robe as she gets ready at her dressing table, which features an assortment of perfume bottles and glass knick-knacks.
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Esther Williams, 1956
The famous swimmer does some last minute touch-ups in her sparkly outfit.
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Elizabeth Taylor, 1959
Photographer John Bryson snaps a mirror image of Taylor as she gives her teased updo one last pat before heading out.
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Nina Simone, 1965
The singer mulls over her shoe options while posing for a portrait inside her dressing room.
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Audrey Hepburn, 1966
On the set of How To Steal A Million in Paris, Hepburn tends to her cropped tresses with the help of a handy hand mirror holder (where can we get one of those?).
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Madonna, 1979
A newly-minted New Yorker, the Material Girl touches up her signature red lipstick in her dressing room.
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