All the Amazing Looks from the MTV Movie Awards

From the neon and glittery to the "dressed like an actual dragon."
Hair, Hairstyle, Sleeve, Collar, Formal wear, Blazer, Eyelash, Employment, Button, Long hair,
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From the neon and glittery to the "dressed like an actual dragon."
Fashion model, Fashion, Thigh, Knee, Knee-high boot, Street fashion, Boot, Poster, Advertising, Fashion design,
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Hailee Steinfeld
Clothing, Shoulder, Red, Waist, Style, Fashion model, Flooring, Dress, Fashion, Neck,
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Scarlett Johansson
Dress, Shoulder, Joint, High heels, Human leg, One-piece garment, Style, Fashion accessory, Cocktail dress, Fashion,
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Sofia Vergara
Sleeve, Shoulder, Floor, Human leg, Textile, Joint, Flooring, Dress, Fashion, Neck,
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Kate Mara
Sleeve, Style, Street fashion, Fashion accessory, Fashion, Waist, Logo, Knee, Electric blue, Fashion design,
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Shailene Woodley
Dress shirt, Sleeve, Trousers, Collar, Coat, Shirt, Formal wear, Style, Suit, Blazer,
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Michael B. Jordan
Clothing, Sleeve, Shoulder, Dress, Human leg, Joint, Fashion show, Style, Fashion model, Waist,
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Cara Delevingne
Shoe, Dress, Pink, Purple, Magenta, One-piece garment, Cocktail dress, Day dress, Little black dress, Violet,
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Rebel Wilson
Dress, Human body, Style, Flooring, One-piece garment, Logo, Cocktail dress, Day dress, Fashion, Fashion model,
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Victoria Justice
Sleeve, Dress, Human leg, Shoulder, Shoe, Joint, Formal wear, High heels, Fashion accessory, Blazer,
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Jennifer Lopez
Mouth, Shoulder, Dress, One-piece garment, Style, Electric blue, Day dress, Fashion, Youth, Cocktail dress,
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Anna Camp
Dress, Sleeve, Shoulder, Flooring, Style, Formal wear, One-piece garment, Fashion, Youth, Waist,
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Sleeve, Human leg, Dress, Shoulder, Joint, Waist, Style, One-piece garment, Fashion model, Knee,
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Emily Ratajkowski
Sleeve, Dress, Style, Formal wear, Logo, Fashion, One-piece garment, Day dress, Blazer, Street fashion,
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Kelly Osbourne
Face, Human, Dress, Event, Human body, Shoulder, Flooring, Happy, Fashion accessory, Style,
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Farrah Abraham
Shoulder, Dress, Joint, Style, One-piece garment, Waist, Orange, Fashion, Sandal, Fashion show,
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Amber Rose
Shoe, Sleeve, Human leg, Shoulder, Shirt, Joint, Standing, Style, T-shirt, Shorts,
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Tyler Posey
Street fashion, Fashion design, Fashion model, Carpet,
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Jessie J
Waist, Fashion accessory, Logo, Thigh, Abdomen, Trunk, Fashion model, Dancer, Dance, Model,
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Bai Ling
Clothing, Dress, Sleeve, Shoulder, Human leg, Joint, One-piece garment, Style, Fashion model, Day dress,
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Zuri Hall
Shoulder, Human leg, Dress, One-piece garment, Waist, Fashion accessory, Fashion, Sandal, High heels, Fashion model,
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Halston Sage
Shoe, Outerwear, Style, Street fashion, Jacket, Fur, Visual arts, Fashion model, Camouflage, Fashion design,
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Machine Gun Kelly
Footwear, Blue, Leg, Sleeve, Human leg, Dress, Shoulder, Shoe, Textile, Joint,
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Charli XCX
Sleeve, Shoulder, Collar, Style, Slipper, Waist, Street fashion, Fashion, Sandal, Fashion model,
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Bea Miller
Footwear, Face, Leg, Shoulder, Dress, Style, Fashion, Bag, One-piece garment, Sandal,
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Bella Thorne
Hair, Face, Arm, Human body, Shoulder, Joint, Human leg, Flooring, Style, Dress,
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Holland Roden
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Willow Shields
Clothing, Eyewear, Coat, Vision care, Product, Collar, Trousers, Dress shirt, Shirt, Outerwear,
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Fall Out Boy
Patrick Stump, Andy Hurley, Joe Trohman, and Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy
Shoulder, Red, Joint, Style, Orange, Fashion accessory, Waist, Lipstick, Maroon, Foot,
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Brittany Snow
Logo, Cart, Net, Fashion design, Bicycle wheel, Dance,
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