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12 Beach Dresses That'll Make Your Vacation-Pic Likes Skyrocket

And all the subsequent "take me back" reposts.

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Courtesy, design by Monica Park

Wanted: the perfect beach dress. Must be roomy, light, and easy to pull on and off. Fun colors, trimming, and/or sheerness (to show off your suit) a plus. Here, 12 that fit the bill.

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Three tiers of pushup-popsicle-colored fun.

Ace & Jig, $338, madewell.com.


Looks like it belongs to a toddler, which is kind of the point. 

Farrow, $68, needsupply.com.


With a crisscross back, maxi silhouette, and the contents of craft-store aisles three through six embellishing it, this is the maximalist's dream. 

Dodo Bar Or, $425, net-a-porter.com.


Has a handy detachable hem, should you want to stick your legs back in the water without unfastening any buttons. 

Front Row Shop, $79, frontrowshop.com.


I know it's got long sleeves, but the fabric is so soft and light, you'll feel (and look) real good—especially if you've got a watermelon marg attached to the end of those elasticized wrists. 

Rhode Resort, $365, rhoderesort.com.


Looks antique-y but won't immediately disintegrate when it makes contact with the salt air. 

H&M, $40, hm.com.


So cute it aches. Plus just imagine how many seashells you could fit into those pockets. 

LemLem, $365, net-a-porter.com.


Gingham: the pattern of our lives, summer 2017. (Bonus: There's a sweet ribbon tie on the back.) 

Storets, $59, storets.com.


Like the set of Zoom (RIP) threw up on ya.

& Other Stories, $95, stories.com.


Broderie anglaise for all your milkmaid dreams. 

Topshop, $90, topshop.com.


If not while your summer bod is in ship-shape, then when? 

Mango, $60, shop.mango.com.


Eyelet = adult peekaboo. (Not as dirty as it sounds—unless you want it to be.) 

Zara, $100, zara.com.

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