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12 Accessories to Occupy Your Hands Because Fidget Spinners Are for Kids

Fifth-grade fun for grown ladies.

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At this moment, 19 of the top 20 best-selling toys on Amazon are fidget spinners and fidget cubes, which you, unless you've been without internet for a week (everything okay?!), will know are fractal-looking toys fifth-graders buy to impress their 12-year-old peers. But what should we grownups play with to treat our nervous tics, even though a physical spinning object seems way more disruptive than a jiggly leg? Solution: cool jewelry to twirl around your fingers until your neighbor's like, "Would you f*cking quit that?" (Then it can just go back to being a great accessory.) 👍

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A LITERAL SPINNER. But with the precious stones, it'll last way longer than the current fad. 

Alison Lou, $7,460; alisonlou.com.


The clever linking design is made for wearing two ways—or clicking in and out.  

Bliss Lau, $595; blisslau.com.


Inside the moon are tiny crystals that shake, which will make wringing your hands at work so much more special. 

Catherine Weitzman, $185; catherineweitzman.com.



J.Crew, $58, jcrew.com.


Yeah, stroking a deconstructed nude is a bit weird, but whatever it takes to keep people from talking to you, right? 

Knobbly Studio, $185, knobblystudio.com.


"Passionfruit" but with dragonfruit for the greatest remix and trompe l'oeil of the summer. 

Mango, $20, shop.mango.com.


"ILYSM" —me to these earrings-cum-sculptures from an excellent Kiwi brand. 

Mars, $95, marsonline.co.nz.


Fidget cubes are for maybe another two weeks; diamonds are forever. 

Nouvel Heritage, $4,400, nouvelheritage.com.


So good, so swingy. 

Need Supply, $28, needsupply.com.


Me: "Ugh, unicorns are so over." Also me: "Gimme this signet ring." 

Retrouvai, $1,040; retrouvai.com.


Cabachon pearls: The only dangly bits you can safely touch at work. 

Oscar de la Renta, $185; shopbop.com.


Could totally see myself running my fingers through these rhinestone waterfalls too vigorously and pulling an auto-Beyoncé. But it'll be worth it. 

Zara, $23, zara.com.

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