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Help! I need a wardrobe makeover! It has been five years since I've been shopping, and I have no time to keep up with the fashion magazines. I'm a single mother of two and have a small company that I operate from my home. Recently, my clients have been requesting business lunches and meetings with me. How do I start to update my look for the business, and what are the key items for the season?

Congratulations on your new ventures! This calls for a celebratory shopping spree. First, go through your wardrobe and donate anything that no longer fits or you would never wear again. Take any suits or expensive items to a tailor and have them update the buttons, sleeves or hemlines for you. The quickest way to update any wardrobe is to accessorize. Look for skinny belts, faux-crocodile shoes and bags, pearls, gold bangle bracelets and scarves in geometric prints or bright colors.

The best investment is a new suit. This season, the new classic is a neutral brown or gray tweed skirt suit. Add some soft blouses and neutral hose. If you'd rather wear pants, look for a skinny pant suit or wide-leg pants in black or light gray. The easiest way to rebuild a wardrobe is to add to the suit with shirts, skirts, pants, sweaters and shoes.

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