Feminine Office Outfits

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What can I wear in the office to look professional and feminine?

It's easy to look both businesslike and chic with just a few simple pieces. For a sophisticated look, try pairing your favorite skirt with this season's sleeveless turtleneck sweater, high-heeled pumps and a mid-length coat. A few simple pieces can make you look attractive and businesslike. Wear a button-down shirt, leather boots with a heel and a fitted leather jacket with classic trousers. Keep the colors simple, just mixing one or two together. Break up blacks and grays with a splash of color. Try a lavender wrap, pink shell or sweater set. As for accessories, a medium-size tote is always sleek and businesslike. Don't buy anything too small, as nothing will fit, or too oversized, as that will look messy. Stick to the classics, add a dash of color and you'll always feel confident and look great!

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