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Hey, Where'd You Get That?

Know when you see a stranger wearing something that's so awesome you have to stop her and say, "Hey, where'd you get that?" After we realized it was happening all the time in our very own office, we decided to start stalking staffers and beg them to share. Enjoy!

Name: Lulu Zeitouneh

M.O.: Designer

Why she chose this outfit: "I'm head-to-toe J. Crew today — that doesn't normally happen, but I am a big J. Crew fan. The pants have zippers and are kind of edgy and masculine, so I balanced them out with a very feminine top. I like to mix and match like that."

Her look: Ladylike rocker

Standout item: Frilly, sleeveless blouse

Where to get it: "Both the top and the pants are J. Crew. The pants were $98, and the top was $88."

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