Fitness Boss Ally Love's Five Rules

This Brooklyn Nets host is always on the move. Here's her secret.

How an Ocean Rescue Lifeguard Trains
For Alice Henley, ocean rescue is a full-time job (the distance runn…
How to Build Better Relationships

A.k.a. the trifecta.

Gwyneth Paltrow Had Postpartum Depression

"I really went into a dark place."

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How to Take Your Cardio Workout to New Heights

Fitness director Jen Ator puts some spring in her step.

How This Fitness Editor Breaks A Sweat Before Work

Short on time? This trendy workout can still get it all in.

Meet the Mother-Daughter Duo Behind the Migraine Documentary You Need to See ASAP

Forget everything you think you know about the mysterious chronic illness.

Losing a Child That Didn't Exist: Families Open Up About Embryos Destroyed in Facility Failure

"I was still their mother and I wanted to protect them and I feel like I failed them now."

12 Period-Tracking Apps That Will Change Your Life

A necessary reminder that menstruation doesn't have to suck.

Battling My Body: Being Queer with an Eating Disorder

Treating an eating disorder is complicated, especially if you're queer.

A Final Consensus: Does Birth Control Really Make You Gain Weight?

Just because it happened to your sister's best friend's cousin, doesn't mean it'll happen to you.

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My Eating Disorder Made Me Feel Like a Feminist Fraud

I was aware of the patriarchal systems that governed the world, and I was a confident young woman. So why wasn’t I acting like one?

How I Came to Love My Body—a Decade After My Eating Disorder

Caroline Rothstein suffered her whole life. Then she chose to recover.

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Thin? Fat? Who Cares? Wear the Yoga Leggings

A New York Times op-ed insinuated that heavier gym-goers should stick to sweatpants. Millions of women beg to differ.

I Have MCS—A Disease Where Smells Make Me Sick

My multiple chemical sensitivities got so bad, I had to search for a new home.

I Became Obsessed with STD Testing

After an assault, I developed hypochondria.

The Goods: 10 Gym Bag Essentials So You'll Never Skip a Workout

Sticking to your new year's resolution just got 1000x easier.

Way of Gray Was One of the Most Popular #Fitspo Accounts—Then Fans Started Unfollowing

Turns out, people have a hard time with the truth.

Everything You Need to Know About HPV—Including What Your Doc Won't Tell You

The disease is common and potentially dangerous, but it doesn't have to be scary.

Sexism Is Sending Women into Actual Clinical Depression

There's a gender gap in depression, thanks to all the gender gaps everywhere else in our lives.

The 15 Best Body-Positive Moments of 2017

"Show me something natural like a** with some stretch marks."