See This Former Cirque Du Soleil Gymnast Do Amazing Stunts with Her Kids

They're tiny and so talented already!

A former Cirque du Soleil star and mom from New York named Gasya Akhmetova-Atherton is going viral, thanks to all the amazing stunts she's been sharing on her Instagram account @Gasya. Akhmetova-Atherton, who joined Cirque du Soleil when she was just 17, is now married to former British gymnast Andrew Atherton, and the two are parents to 3-year-old Kamali and 1-year-old Kaysen.

In her Instagram videos, Akhmetova-Atherton does handstands, contortions, even hand-balancing—often with her kids. It's all very epic, and it doesn't hurt that her little ones are ridiculously adorable.

"They're both amazing children," she told the Daily Mail. "Kamali is already showing signs of following in our footsteps. She loves to dance and will always join me when I'm training. I'm not a pushy mum and try to make everything we do together fun."

Here are some of the best clips she's shared so far.

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