10 Ways to Drag Yourself Out of Bed in the Morning

It is possible. 
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Folgers, shut up. There's absolutely no "best part" of waking up, except maybe...nope, drawing a blank. But you've got to go to work on the weekdays and brunch the other two days like every other society-contributing human being. As much as you don't want to, it's time to rise and shine. Those "five more minutes" you allowed yourself to sleep in an hour ago are up.

Here's how to hack your morning routine:

1. Alarm clock placement: Choose an alarm clock you like and place it across the room, away from your bed.

2. Sound: Consider different alarm tones, like music, or something extra-loud.

3. Water: Place a glass of water next to your clock and drink it as soon as you turn off the alarm. (This will also eventually make you need to pee, which is another reason to get out of bed.)

4. Light: Open curtains and blinds. Face the light and count to 10.

5. Move: Stretch up to the ceiling and reach down to the floor.

6. Comfort: Wear a robe and slippers that simulate some of the comforts of your bed.

7. Music or TV: Listen to something that gets you going.

8. Ritual: Invest in coffee or tea that you love, and look forward to using your favorite mug.

9. Pamper: Shower with a new body scrub or favorite soap.

10. Prepare: Have your bag packed and your clothes ready—a smaller amount of morning tasks makes getting up less daunting.

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