An iPhone App Can Now Tell You If You're Pregnant

But um, does this mean you have to pee on your phone?

We now live in a world where it's feasible to complain that your pregnancy test keeps crashing. First Response, the makers of the popular pregnancy tests, just unveiled an app that will tell you whether or not you're pregnant. Well, sort of: You still have to pee on a stick. 

The company released its Pregnancy PRO Digital Pregnancy Test at the Consumer Electronics Show this week. The sticks, which look just like your typical pregnancy tests, sync with a smartphone app via Bluetooth. You then urinate on the stick, as normally would, and the app notifies you once it detects a sample. Then, a countdown clock shows three minutes until the result is ready. While you wait the anxiety-ridden three minutes, you can click on "Calm Me," "Educate Me," or "Entertain Me" to either learn about fertility or just watch puppy videos to ease your nerves.

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Then, the moment of truth. After you enter a secure code, the app shows a screen with your results, and then offers next steps depending on whether or not you're expecting. You can also store your test results if you're still trying to get pregnant and want a record of your fertility. Mashable notes that the app can also help you track your fertility year-round. The test costs between $14.99 and $21.99, which is substantially more than a low-tech pregnancy test, and there are free ovulation apps out there for everyone. But the quick setup and easy-to-read results might provide some much-needed peace of mind to people trying—or actively trying not to get pregnant. 

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