7 Reasons You're So Not Working Out Today

A day-by-day guide to combating the exercise excuses we all know too well.

Monday: I've been working hard all day and I'm tired. Depending on your schedule (and your severe case of the Mondays), it may seem next to impossible to get motivated to hit the gym after work. But studies show that the more you exercise, the more energetic you feel throughout the day. If you feel totally defeated by the time you leave the office, perhaps you're more of a morning or lunchtime workout type.

Tuesday: It's too expensive. We know pay day isn't until Friday and that joining a gym is difficult to fit into your monthly budget. Instead of swearing off exercise until you get a raise (been there), research cheaper options. Vidergize.com is a pay-as-you-go website that simplifies the entire process—the classes range from $1-$5 and there's no monthly fee, no ridiculous extra charges.

Wednesday: The gym is so boring. We know and honestly, we agree—Hump Day is about excitement! It's hard to get pumped about working out when it bores you to tears. The answer? Do something fun to get your heart racing. Grab a friend and play tennis or sign up for Zumba. If nothing else, your classmates will make you laugh.

Thursday: I don't want to wear workout clothes in public. You can go one of two routes with this one. Either, know that we think you are beautiful no matter what they say (thanks Xtina) and workout among those vegan models and toned soccer moms at the gym, or you can get active in the privacy of your own home. YogaGlo.com boasts 2,000 yoga classes that you can take on your computer, TV, or tablet. But really, you're beautiful. Get out there.

Friday: I just got my hair done/got a spray tan/can't sweat. No judgement, this problem plagues us all the time. However, this scheduling issue is easy to fix. Plan out your week so you can workout one day, and get your hair done the next. Tada!

Saturday: I'm hungover. So bring an extra water bottle and get your booty out the door.

Sunday: I swear I'll go tomorrow...Ah, famous last words. We all know how this one goes and before you know it, you're sneakers are dusty and the gym is a distant childhood memory. A wise man (my Dad) once said, "You'll never be sad you went," and he's right. Can you remember a time after a workout that you thought to yourself, "Man, I really wish I hadn't just burned all those calories and worked off that Snickers bar I ate at lunch." Also, see Monday.

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