Is Your Gym Routine as Smart as You Are?

Train with Jackie Warner, star of the show "Work Out" and you'll learn a few things. For me, one of the many things I learned in a training session with her was that I can get out of the gym a lot faster than I thought. After every set of weights I did, she had me "finish off" the muscles with plyometric exercises for the same muscle group (so after I did leg presses, she had me do squat jumps). If I'd done the plyos separately, I'd have been there all day until my muscles got fatigued. But by starting with the weights, you "get there" faster, and get home (or back to work) faster. The other thing you learn about working out with Jackie: The best trainers are totally worth the money. There's nothing like a trainer or coach like her who's attentive and demanding but also totally on your side.

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