Volunteer to Get Started

A great way to get involved

in a new sport/hobby is to volunteer. With spring here and summer on its way

race season is starting for a number of different recreational sports across

the country. The best seat in the

house for many of these events is at the volunteer level. Not only are you right where the action

is but you're up close with many of the sport's top athletes. More importantly you'll get to see all

the entrants at all different skill levels. Many times the greatest moments in a race are not

necessarily at the first and second place finishes.

Triathlon season is revving

up all across the country as well as sports like marathon running, ultra and

trail running, local fundraising runs (5K & 10K) and open water distant

swims. All of these sports are not

the greatest for spectators but at the volunteer level you'll not only be

helping those entered, you'll get to see some great competition up close. It may even encourage you to get out

there and try it yourself-once you see all the different types of people out

there getting it done and enjoying themselves.

Active.com is a wonderful

website to check in with on what events are coming your way this spring and

summer. There is generally also

volunteer information for each race included and nine times out of ten you get

a cool shirt for helping out if not more!

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