What's Your Trigger Point?

Trigger Point Technologies
is a company based in Austin, Texas that has established itself as a life
enhancing brand, concentrating on empowering people with its revolutionary
methodologies and patented products that mirror the feeling of a human hand.

It has successfully become one of the leaders in personal performance care by
marketing its in-home therapy technology to consumers in the athletic, health
care and personal wellness markets. It is a multi-channel company that provides
a broad selection of information, media, products and services to customers
that value personal development, wellness, positive lifestyles and enlightening
media. It offers its customers the ability to make purchasing decisions based
on these values while providing quality offerings at a price comparable to
mainstream alternatives.

Trigger Point Performance Therapy is a remedy and treatment for common ailments
such as plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, IT band pain, general knee
pain, foot pain and more.

Point Technologies
started as a
research project for Cassidy Phillips, who suffers from fibromyalgia. Phillips
needed to find a solution for the continuous pain throughout his body.

The well-trained athlete
spent years researching his condition and refused to settle with doctor's
recommendations of never training again. During his research, Phillips worked
heavily in trigger point therapy, which utilizes key areas of the body to
release tension and create blood flow to the area. The therapy was working for
him except that his thumbs were getting numb.

His solution was to find a
material that mimicked the pressure and accuracy of a thumb. He needed a
material with significant denseness that could change shape and manipulate to
the muscle. Through two years of intense research and development, Phillips
created Trigger Point Technologies,
. The company is based on a patented material that changes
shape after five to seven seconds, thus penetrating the belly of the muscle
safely and effectively when ample pressure is applied. Today Trigger Point Technologies, LLC,
features four therapeutic products: TP
Massage Ball, TP Footballer, TP Quadballer, and Baller Block.

TP Massage Ball, TP Footballer, and TP Quadballer's
dense materials mirror the feeling the human hand
and change shape after five to seven seconds of pressure. Many use devices
filled with air like a tennis ball, which will collapse and thus fail to
penetrate the belly of the muscle; or using a device made of a hard material such
as plastic or wood, which will be traumatic to the muscle and cause more
damage. Trigger Point's therapy tools, the TP Massage Ball, TP Footballer, and TP Quadballer are
able to penetrate the belly of the muscle safely and effectively. Once the
pressure is applied and the user takes a deep breath, the trigger point of the
targeted muscle is forced to relax, and the spasm is relieved. When using
Trigger Point's Performance Therapy tools, three to five minutes of pressure
within each muscle group is all that is needed. This treatment is recommended
before and after workouts and races and prior to stretching. Athletes tend to
overdo things. That's what gets them into the painful situation in the first
place. Moderation is the key.

These products are not just
for athletes; Trigger Point recommends using the TP Massage Ball, TP Footballer, Quadballer for anyone who wishes to relieve or prevent pain. This includes all active
bodies and even office workers. Muscles become fatigued when sitting in front
of a computer or working around the house. To energize muscles, Trigger Point
suggests using their therapy tools often. Any stress on muscles cause damage.
Stress can be from too much weight, like a laundry basket, or overworking the
muscles without proper rest. The applications are the same.

Baller Block
aids in the
effectiveness of the Footballer,
while also achieving structural integrity. Treat the body within the home and
it will only enhance performance during training, racing and everyday life.

Trigger Point has recently
several new products. The Ultimate Six for Runners is a new laminated and
spiral bound guidebook that provides specific, detailed instruction for the use
of our therapy tools. This book is educational as well as instructional making
it a must have for all runners. The new Stability PODS challenge balance and
symmetry with their simple concave design. Trigger Point Technologies and
Phillips are committed to providing the highest quality education and products.

Trigger Point

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