Under Armour Performance Trainers

Under Armour has come up with another great training product.

After years of research, development and collecting insights from athletes and consumers, the Performance Trainers – Under Armour's first line of non-cleated footwear – hit store shelves on 5.3.08. Engineered with Directional Cushioning Engineering (DCE™) the trainers are designed to provide maximum support and propulsion, filling the void of the lack of proper footwear for training needs. After moving athletes out of cotton-soaked clothing and into moisture-wicking performance apparel, the Performance Trainers are the product that will take training to the next level. No longer do people have to perform all their training and exercises in one-dimensional running sneakers or basketball sneakers.

For women, they are available in two prototypes, each with a specific purpose to maximize training. The Proto Speed™ Trainer builds pure linear speed and the Proto Evade™ Trainer improves the ability to build quick side-to-side lateral motion.

UA Proto Evade™ and UA Proto Speed™ Trainers are available for women and youths.

Retail prices range from $80 - $90; colors will vary.

Check out Under Armour.com for more information and color choices. Pre-orders start May 3, 2008. They look GOOD!

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