Break a Sweat with the Hottest Fitness Gadgets

FreeStyle Underwater MP3 Player

If your workout consists of underwater activity, this is a must! Add your tunes to the world's first completely shock and waterproof MP3 player. It will keep your body movin' to over 350 of your favorite tunes.

Finis Lap Track

Another one for you swimmers out there: the Finis Lap Track. If you head to a pool and do laps, then you know that it is super easy to lose track of how many you've completed. Suction this bad boy to one end of your lane then hit the button with each pass. Use the easy read number display to check on how many more you have to go. Cool, huh?

Calorie Counting Jump Rope

If you jump rope then you are well aware of how tired you get from this exercise; but just how hard are you actually working? This rope keeps track of how many rotations you've done and how many calories you've burned once it's over. Feel the burn and then relax!

Tanita BC 558 Body Scale

It's amazing how much information you can get from a scale these days. With this unit you not only get a readout of your weight, body fat, body water, muscle mass, bone mass, and more, but this is also the only monitor available in the U.S. that gives you segmental body composition readings, meaning you can get separate readings from your left arm, right arm, left leg, etc. Pretty cool - especially if you're focused on training a specific body part.

Sleep Tracker

Good sleep is essential to keeping your body in tip-top shape. This is a really cool way to keep track of how well you sleep (or don't!). Wear the watch at night and then connect it to your computer the next day to get a readout of how long you slept, your heart rate during sleep, and roughly how much REM sleep you received.

Wii Fit

As you have most likely heard by now, the Wii can help you get on up and work it out. The console comes with Wii Sports, which had me break a sweat at tennis once, as well as other games that take advantage of the power of the Wiimote. Wii Fit guides you through various exercises and yoga moves while standing on the bundled Balance Board. This is a great way to take advantage of your boyfriend's beloved Wii.

NuMetrex Heart Rate Monitor Sports Bra

Ladies, check this out! Installed in this sports bra is a heart rate monitor that sends a read-out of your entire workout to a watch! With this information you can see when you're working out the hardest, which translates into burning the most calories. The more accurate you can be with this information, the more fit you will become.

Nike+ iPod System and Sports Kit

Nike and Apple have been working together on a gang of workout devices and there are two in particular that you should check out. First is the Nike + iPod system that's pretty amazing. Two sensors (one on your shoe and one attached to your iPod) communicate to bring you the best beats for your particular workout. Your iPod's display will give you info about your workout, such as the time lapsed and distance completed, as well as audio chimes with the same info. These and many other features make this product revolutionary!

Then there's the Nike + Sportsband that just came out. This device is similar to the Nike + iPod, but there are no tunes on this one. Use the wristband to easily track your progress. It downloads your workout info onto the computer via the built-in USB connection.

Garmin 705 GPS Unit For Bikes

Riding can be one of the best ways to get in shape and get out of the house! Problem is, that once you get to the point where you're out on a trail or a road that you've never been on before, you can get carried away and find yourself, well, lost. This bike computer will not only help you stay on track, but also give you some amazing feedback about your ride. Sure you get distance, speed, time and all that, but this device will also monitor your power output in watts, heart rate tracking, and more. Go online and compare your workout to other users and see how to get the most out of your ride.

Sneak Peak! BodiBeat

It's not out yet, but once this hits the shops it's gonna be hot! This device analyzes your play list by beats per minute and then matches songs to the speed of your workout. There are four music modes: "free workout," that matches music to your pace; "fitness," for optimal aerobic exercise; "training," for serious runners; and "music," for taking it down a notch. The device has some pre-set songs to help bridge the gaps in your current musical repertoire.

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