Chlorine (Cl)

So how can we protect ourselves and more importantly our hair while enjoying the pool this summer.

Three options:

1. If your just enjoying the water without a swim cap-place ANY type of hair conditioner in your hair prior to entering the water. Expensive or inexpensive it really doesn't make a difference.

2. If you're hitting the pool to do some laps (and you'll be wearing a cap or pair of goggles)? Simply wet your hair with water before putting on your cap. Using conditioner for this visit to the pool will not be so smart. The conditioner will coat the inside of your cap. You're cap will keep sliding off your head and you'll never be able to get the conditioner off of the latex. The water will soak the hair cuticle and limit the amount of chlorine that can be absorbed by the hair. And if you do sport a cap-make it FABULOUS!

3. Always always always rinse your hair when your time in the pool has ended. Even just a water rinse will help!

Three easy and simply steps to limit the chlorine damage to your hair!

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