Funny Story

When I first started training for Ironman about 4 years ago

I kept it pretty low key. My coach

would give me weight, cycling and running workouts and I would take care of the

swimming part.

So weights and even cycling weren't too tough especially

since on weekends all rides were group rides anyway. Well, after my first marathon for which I trained alone we

decided running with a group and getting a running coach might be a wise thing

to try. The marathon went OK but I

was running on my own, something I've never done before. Long runs weren't too bad but Wednesday

track workouts were not so OK.

I made it clear I didn't want to be on a team with a bunch

of cutthroat housewives trying to qualify for Boston. I wanted a low-key group that

knew how to run and a coach who was old school and down to earth.

Well after some searching I found a great running club that

was indeed everything I needed.

The absolute funny part of my little story is - the first

day I show up for run practice a woman about my age thinks she knows me. So I say I really doubt it because I'm

not much of a runner and when I did run it was out in North Scottsdale. After a few moments she realizes where

she's seen me.

"Didn't you used to JOG around the community college track

on Wednesdays?"

JOG? Did she

just say I was jogging my sprint track workouts?

I was so embarrassed.

So see, until you step it up against others you could just

be jogging it around a track!

JOG? Really?

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