Tea For Two

White Tea is gaining popularity in the United States due in part to the numerous health benefits, although this exceptional tea is somewhat limited. FUZE has found a supplier that has enough production so they can now offer the desired healthy white tea to consumers nationwide.

FUZE white tea is great tasting, light, and healthy. Fuze infuses orange blossom, white tea

with natural anti-oxidants, polyphenols, folic acid and Vitamins C, E, B3, B5,

B6 and B12 into its White Tea Drink.

White Tea is known for having high antioxidant capacity, anti aging, anti-cancer and heart protection. Below is a general explanation of what each component is.

POLYPHENOLS (190mg) – Powerful antioxidants that stop production of free radicals and other reactive species in cells and body tissues, which have been linked to aging and more than 100 disease states including cancer and heart disease.

FOLIC ACID (225 mcg) – A water soluble B-Vitamin that helps build and maintain healthy cells.

VITAMIN C (60mg) – An Anti-oxidant essential for vision, growth & healthy skin. Known to promote healing.

VITAMIN E (30iu) – A strong Anti-oxidant that aids in neurological and reproductive development. Promotes healthy skin and hair. Reduces scarring & is known to slow the aging process.

VITAMIN B COMPLEX 33mg – B Complex vitamins have been known to be helpful in maintaining the digestive system and insuring proper absorption of food. Helps in utilization of other vitamins, and aids in sodium and potassium balance. As well as helps improve the body's resistance to stress.

So instead of old fashion iced tea, try some FUZE white tea this summer with someone special.

Hence, tea for two.