Don't Sit Directly In The Sun

Yes it's true. It is amazing. Easy to reach those not so easy to reach areas. Looks completely flawless and it's cheap and you can do it yourself. From what I can tell it comes it two shades: 2 MEDUIM and 3 DARK. Why would it come in 1 LIGHT I guess. If it did it would be called 1 WHY BOTHER.

Says you can even use it on your face. Not sure about this one. Haven't had the guts to spray it (or rather spray it on my hands to apply to my face - or so says the instructions).

Neutrogena tends to produce consistently reliable and

effective products that also benefit healthy skin. The new self-tanning product by Neutrogena, the MicroMist Tanning Sunless Spray sounds perfect. As always,

the trick of creating a successful tan with this self-tanner may lie in the

eye, or really the hand, of the user.

What I Love About Neutrogena MicroMist Tanning Sunless

Spray Self-Tanner

The result benefits the tone and texture of my skin. The

Neutrogena MicroMist Tanning Sunless Spray I chose was the medium, not the

deep. It is best to build any self-tanning tan slowly, or it will look even

faker than it is.

It looks natural on me. Neutrogena self-tanners can look orange on some skin tones.

It has an airbrush affect, and lightly mists on. The bottle

claims that no rubbing is required to achieve an even-looking tan.

It dries very quickly. The bottle read five minutes, and it

felt like less.

Perhaps the one issue with the self-tanner is that it is

completely invisible when it is applied. this differs from the foaming

self-tanner by Neutrogena. Could

be a crapshoot for the unskilled hand!

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