Ding Dong Dumbbells

Smart Girls Do Dumbbells

Most women have dieted and exercised their entire lives.

It's always the same yo-yo story-lose the weight, gain it back, over and over

again. Or they'll lose most of the weight but they can't burn off those last

stubborn 5-10 pounds. Or they've got very intense exercise regimens-personal

trainer and all, but still they don't have the results they've been looking

for: tight buns, strong arms, and a flat belly. The reason for this is that no

one, until now, has been as qualified as Judith Sherman-Wolin, Exercise

Specialist at the UCLA Center for Nutrition, to reveal the secrets of

dumbbells. Sherman-Wolin has developed a fast, easy dumbbell program that

anyone can do at home and can set up for less than it costs to go to a gym

every month.

The Great Dumbbell Handbook: The Quick Reference Guide to

Dumbbell Exercises

This comprehensive little book covers a series of dumbbell

exercises to work out the upper-body, lower-body, and abdominals. Each exercise

has a start and finish photo, with easy to follow step-by-step instructions.

The Great Dumbbell Handbook also shows you how to set-up your own dumbbell

exercise routine, as well as pointers on stretching, staying motivated, and


The New Rules of Lifting for Women: Lift Like a Man, Look

Like a Goddess

If you believe what most women's magazines tell you, muscles

can be "shaped," "toned," and "sculpted" with nothing more than a little

dumbbell that weighs less than a can of peas. But muscles aren't modeling clay,

and the only way to transform them is to strengthen them. The New Rules of

Lifting for Women is for the woman who's ready to throw down the "Barbie"

weights and start a strength and conditioning program that will give her the

body of her dreams. The book puts to rest the shop-worn notion that women who

train with heavy weights will bulk up. Nonsense! Women simply don't have enough

testosterone to pack on muscle like a bodybuilder. Here's the truth: lifting

weights not only makes you stronger, it also makes you leaner. In fact, most

women would have to run twice as long to receive the same fat-burning benefits

as weight lifters. A better workout in less time may sound too good to be true,

but champion trainer Alwyn Cosgrove creates six months' worth of workouts that

will build strength, burn fat, and rev up the metabolism. His total body

workouts target all the major muscle groups, and each exercise is accompanied

by clear black and- white photographs that illustrate proper technique and


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