Balancing On The Edge

Now ab's / sit-ups are just one area as an example.

So why focus so much on it? It's like dieting. Make it your entire life and think about it all day long---all you're going to want to do is eat!

I know you can get creative and work your ab muscles in a variety of different ways but I, to this day, haven't found anything better than a sit-up or variation of a sit-up (meaning the crunching motion on your back). And nothing it seems, at least for me, works better than with a medicine ball.

I don't know. Some days I like to get in there, grab a medicine ball, knock out a few tough short sets and call it a day.

Some days I do a variety of different "sit-up" type exercises. The stuff pretty abdominal wall posters are made of.

But stuff like side bends, back extension, and especially sit up machines which all engage the abdominal's really don't seem to cut it for me.

I know I know. All this over sit-up's and abdominal muscles? But I see it more and more around me. People getting frustrated trying to focus so much on exactly what they want to change or shape or alter in the lives. I'm sure it has a lot to do with letting go of conceptions that were ground into you at some point (which for me was millions of good old fashion sit-ups on a pool deck before practice).

Balance is key. I know I know. Yes it applies to "life" and for me "athletics" but I'm seeing more and more that almost EVERYTHING around me (and around you) needs balance. I can't think about this too much, right? I'd be off balance. Right? Can't write about it so much. Right?

In windsurfing-I believe, balancing on the very edge-leaning back as far as you can-getting as much wind under your sail is the greatest ride. Still balanced I believe.

Balancing On The Edge.

Maybe that's the way to go?

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